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VIP car rental Dubai! Rent Mercedes-AMG GTR Pro – 2021, 2020

Rent Mercedes AMG GTR Pro – 2021 to enjoy a luxurious trip. It is not a new concept. Some have no choice but to follow the trends, they must act immediately because it is a trend, or they will be considered stupid and out of date. You can also notice this attitude in customers who want an old car with new features to look excellent and fashionable.

However; this is only possible if you are a millionaire. Otherwise, there will be no way to get these cars without sacrificing other things, such as a mortgage or child education costs. For those who cannot keep up with the latest trends from foreign countries, there is still a luxury car rental Dubai company called Grand Royal.

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Mercedes AMG GTR rental or rent a car in Dubai

The best option for those who want to live in luxury but don’t want to lose money. This model will catch your eye if you see it on the road or browsing through Google images because of its unique features and excellent design. We know luxury cars are expensive. So what distinguishes the Mercedes AMG GTR Pro from other vehicles?
What are the reasons for its popularity, and why should we rent one if we can afford to buy one?

The Mercedes-AMG GTR Pro is the latest and most luxurious model in the Mercedes-truck series. It has a wide range of activities, ranging from large trucks to sports cars for racing tracks or even road races. In this case, we are talking about the first two models, specifically for Speed ​​and all luxury lovers who can afford good things.

Rent Mercedes in Dubai Get AMG GTR Pro. Luxury at an affordable price!

This car is perfect for those looking to buy a new luxury car at an affordable price. As mentioned before, only millionaires will accept this kind of car because it will cost around $ 950 per month. If you need more features, then expect to pay more. Mercedes-AMG GTR Pro rentals in the UAE are available for sale only to those who want to keep this car after use, although this is not much for a luxury car. Can use it elsewhere if you know what you need more money for.

Another advantage of the Mercedes-AMG GTR Pro hire is that you will have access to all new features. This way, you do not need to worry that your vehicle might have problems while driving VIP car rental Dubai or Mercedes rental Dubai around or other places. Even if something happens with the car. Grand Royal’s maintenance experts will take care of it immediately. You will still have time to enjoy your vacation or business trip, knowing that everything is well maintained. Check our car rental services in Dubai.

A Look at the Design: Beast from Green Hell!

From its superior transportation technology to its aerodynamic exterior design elements, nothing beats the Mercedes-AMG GTR’s ability to hire a green color car. We see this car has the best performance in a sports car. Because of its attention to detail, this car is dubbed the “Beast from Green Hell” in the racing world.

Interior Design: Experience Mercedes’ true craftsmanship with a stylish, handcrafted cockpit featuring advanced technology controls on a 10.2-inch display. Be Prepared to impress by a steering wheel wrapped in Nappa leather that exudes confidence.

Drivetrain and Performance on Dubai Street

Mercedes designed the AMG GT-R for those drivers who are looking for the most thrilling racing track experience. As the prologue suggests, they design this car specifically to provide the most exciting driving experience ever. The AMG GT-R engine produces 577 horsepower, makes a strong impression on racetracks. A chassis lineup that sharpened, lowered, and redesigned allows the car to be lighter and stronger while still standing up to racing.

The luxury supercars will be lighter and stronger than the AMG GT S model. It still provides the comfort and performance expected from Dubai’s luxury sports car rental. The addition of racing features for extreme conditions allows it to live up to its reputation. Hire Mercedes Benz -AMG GTR Pro, one of the fastest luxury vehicles on the market today.

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The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-R rental car is the perfect sports car rental for those who like Mercedes and sports cars. We can answer any of your questions regarding renting this beast of a sports car, or we can provide you with a quote online, and one of our reservations agents will contact you.


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