Dubai Car Rental FAQ Frequently asked questions about renting a car in Dubai, UAE.

What you need to know before renting a car in Dubai, UAE!

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about driving a rental car in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates can be found here. We added Dubai car rental FAQ and Answers based on Grand Royal’s Rental Policy, Privacy Policy, and Luxury Program’s Terms & Conditions. Please read the following information carefully before renting a car from us (Grand Royal – Luxury Car Rental in Dubai) or any other rental company. Dubai/UAE car rental regulations will apply to all rental companies, and each rental company will have its own set of conditions.

Dubai Car Rental FAQ & Answers by Grand Royal Here we have added Dubai car rental FAQ and Answers for better understanding our customers and visitors.

You can add a driver to your car rental booking at the rental office. if You apply for an extra driver to the car rental company, It is payable to the car rental company for each additional driver.

The hired vehicle should return the same amount of fuel as the one provided (usually full). Otherwise, the hired bidder is paid the fuel rate.

Please call us at 04222234 for email (PDF and/or HTML) or a reservations agent would be happy to provide you with a copy of our reservation form, Which you can use for online printable copying.

Obviously. Rental extensions can be made within the rental period at any time. Contact the pick-up site or dial 04222234.

Report the police about theft immediately, receive a copy of the police report and then immediately inform Car Lease by calling 04222234, our operational team, or by using our Service Request Form.

It’s probably in it somewhere, you just need to find it. Check the music player, cigarette lighter, and even inside the glovebox. If not, you can request the car rental company to make it available or just pick up a USB car charger from any convenience store at a gas station.

After making a payment, the majority of Grand Royal reservations are verified within 20 minutes. If you need to make a last-minute reservation (within the next 48 hours), please call our reservations center at 04222234.

There is no charge to change a car rental reservation if you contact Grand Royal before the rental period ends. All modifications must be handled by Grand Royal, not our local car rental suppliers or affiliates.

There are no refunds for unused days on regular and weekly rentals. If a consumer chooses to return before the end of the month on a monthly rental, a refund will be given, subject to the application of a shorter duration package.

You are free to return the vehicle to the station in its current condition. Please pay the refueling fee determined by the distance traveled by the company.

You’ll need a Grand Royal reservation voucher to pick up your rental. A reservation voucher includes details that the car rental company would require at the time of pick-up. When payment has been applied to the reservation, vouchers will be emailed or forwarded to you instantly. For more details, please take a look at our Sample Voucher.

No, You may NOT rent a car. If you do not present a valid driver’s license and passport at the time of pick-up, you will not be able to rent a car. Please make sure you have all of the correct paperwork with you on the day of pick-up.

Yes, definitely. A delivery and pick-up service for railway stations and hotels is provided by some rental stations. The facilities and fees that are available differ by area and rental period. When making a reservation, please inquire directly with the concerned station or call our call center.

The hirer will bring on an extra driver for an additional regular, weekly, or monthly fee if the additional driver meets all of the specifications. Long-term lease customers have the option of adding a driver for the term of their contract for a one-time fee.

For a small charge, we will send and collect vehicles right to your doorstep. This service is subject to our drivers’ availability and must be scheduled ahead of time. Alternatively, we will arrange for a driver to pick you up from a nearby metro station and transport you to our branch at no cost.

Clients can pay for their rent in cash, by bank transfer, or by credit card. All rentals, however, require the placement of a credit card on file as cover. Debit cards are ineffective as a form of security. For deposit charges, we usually advise customers to use their credit cards from their home country. After the car is returned, the deposit refund can easily find its way home in this manner.

An airport service surcharge will be applied to all vehicles picked up or dropped off at Dubai Airports.

During the online booking process, car rental companies provide you with details about how much you will pay in taxes and fees. The rental car company will not charge extra taxes and fees on reservations that are fully charged in advance. If you are only paying for a portion of the amount at the time of booking for other types of reservations, the remaining taxes and fees will be charged at the rental car company’s office.

We strongly advise you to visit our driving details section for the country you will be visiting or our comprehensive insurance information page at this time, as insurance coverage varies by country.

The car rental company determines the fuel policy. “Pick up full, return full” or “pick up full, return zero” are two fuel policies. The fuel policy that applies to your rental will be stated in the Terms and Conditions that you will find during the booking process.

In Dubai, finding suitable parking is easy. There are numerous open-air, roadside, and underground parking lots throughout the area. When parking on marked streets, be mindful that roadside parking meters must be used. The driver is responsible for all parking fees as well as any fines that might be incurred.

Yes, but custom itineraries, motor-coach services, and other special requests require additional advance notice.

In airports and other public places, you will be greeted with a hand-held sign. We can also meet you at your hotel or somewhere else.

We can accommodate most chauffeur reservation requests with as little as 3 hours advance notice. Services must be fully prepaid, and credit card information will be kept on file for any extra charges (such as additional time/mileage, cellular phone bills, etc).

Up to 48 hours before your scheduled pick-up time, you can make changes to your itinerary or cancel your reservation for free. No-show reservations will be charged a fee.

At this time we strongly suggest you visit our driving information section for the country you will be traveling to or our detailed insurance information page as insurance coverage is different from country to country.

What are the minimum age requirements? Renters must be 25 years or above at the time of rental due to requirements imposed by our insurance company. However, exceptions can be made for younger customers on longer-term leases.

Grand Royal reservations center is staffed with knowledgeable friendly agents ready to help you in any way! Our reservation agents are available at 04222234 and we pay 24 hours services.

An international driver’s license is required in several United Arab Emirates countries and is strongly recommended if you are planning to travel to a country where English is not the dominant language. International Driving Permits are Required in the following countries for US Licensed Drivers: Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Spain.

Grand Royal accepts both credit and debit cards as payment methods for your prepaid reservation rate. However, most car rental suppliers require a valid credit card in the primary driver’s name too, pick up a rental vehicle. In the event, the supplier does accept debit cards the rental would be treated as a cash rental.

If you do not feel comfortable sending your credit card details by email please visit our secured server for credit card payment or call us at 04222234 and one of our reservations agents can take your payment over the phone.

Auto Europe gladly accepts American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. Personal Checks are also accepted providing you purchase CDW and Theft Protection on your rental. At this time we would like to advise that personal checks are not accepted locally.

It depends upon what kind of booking you did. Pay now reservation cannot be changed. In general, you can search on the rental company website and check all the terms and conditions, too.

For Pay Now reservations, you can meet a cancellation fee if the reservation is deleted before you take the car. All cancellation requests must be made directly with the rental car company.

If you need to get back your car later than you had booked, you should notify the rental office before picking up the car. Keep in mind that the rental car company will charge you for the additional time.

No. Persons who will not drive the car can also make the reservation; however, they need to confirm first the driver of the vehicle before making the reservation.

For individual retail customers, you will require scans or photos of the hirer’s:

  1. Emirates ID, front and back
  2. UAE driver’s license or, as applicable, the home-country driver’s license along with an international driver’s permit
  3. Passport face and visa page. For those on tourist visas, a scan of the entry-stamp page will suffice.
  4. Filled customer profile form
  5. Front of the credit card you will put on file.

We typically keep our cars Ready to Go, so all customers are encouraged to send the documents above in advance of their arrival to our branch so that we can have them served within 20 minutes.

If you already have a rental car with us, your local branch should be contacting you to discuss options for returning the rental vehicle. Please call 04222234 if you have any additional questions or would like more details.

Yes, Our airport car rental services are available during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Yes,  The protection of our community, colleagues, and customers remain our top priority during this unprecedented period. That’s why we’ve put in place the Complete Clean Pledge. Although we’ve already had a very formal training process in place to teach all workers how to clean a vehicle properly, employees are now being trained to enforce new and more detailed mandates, such as improved cleaning instructions for cars, shuttles, and branch locations, as well as social distancing activities.

We don’t require customers to sanitize their rental cars before returning them, but we do expect them to be returned in the same clean condition they were rented in.

When it comes to safety precautions, we’re following the advice of leading health authorities. When picking up your rental car, there are a few easy and secure steps you can take:

  1. Face masks should be worn.
  2. Practice social distancing
  3. Wash your hands/use hand sanitizer
  4. For rental cars, use curbside pickup and delivery services (Contact your local rental branch for availability).

If your rental car breaks down due to a mechanical problem and is no longer drivable, get to a safe location away from traffic. Then contact us and then we will assist you with the towing operation.

When renting a car, your child must have the best journey possible. At all of our rental car locations, Grand Royal has a variety of child safety seats that are appropriate for babies and children.

Yes. You can modify your reservation online Or contact us at 04222234.

During the Coronavirus epidemic, there are currently no travel limitations on your rental reservation.

You can call us on 04222234.

Collision Risk Waiver (CDW) policy covers you if your vehicle sustains any unintended damage in a collision, regardless of who is at fault. It is, however, important to obtain a police report (whichever emirate you are in).

If your rental car comes with a regular insurance policy, consider purchasing CDW insurance.

The fees are AED 2 per hour, so you can pay according to how long you need to park in the designated area.

Parking is paid for by the customer at parking machines located inside or near parking lots.

Dubai’s electronic toll collection system is known as Salik. In Dubai, there are no toll booths, allowing you to travel through the UAE without interruption.

When you cross a Salik, the rental company records the charges through the RTA Salik system. The Salik fees are paid by the car renter/driver.

You are not allowed to take the vehicle outside of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The car renter/driver will pay for the fuel costs.

Our car rental prices are based on 24 hours, so if you reserve and pick up your car rental at 14:00, you must return it by 14:00. If you return the car late, you will almost always be paid for an extra day.

Any additional drivers must be declared, and they must be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

Click Here to view our contact details. Alternatively, view our complete list of locations in the UAE.

Yes, you can. You should schedule the vehicle service at a time and date that is convenient for you. Simply enter all of your information in the online service and apply. Our operations manager will get in touch with you.

The car will be delivered to you by one of our Grand Royal members closest to your place.

We will provide you a replacement key if the car is locked for any reason. The service charge to provide a replacement key is up to AED 100. Lost key charges are dependent on the manufacturer.

For regular or weekly rentals, choose Express booking.

Micro Lease allows you to rent a car on demand for 30 days to 24 months and pay in simple monthly installments.

If you want to pick up a car in one Emirates and return it to a different Emirates, you can choose One Way Rental.

Yes, you can block/charge your security deposit with a credit card belonging to a family member or friend. However, both the renter and the credit card holder must be present to sign the renter’s agreement at the time of delivery.

All the rental cars are non-smoking. If you violate this policy, a cleaning fee may be applied by the supplier.

The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel as it was picked up. Refueling charges will apply if fuel is not returned empty at the correct level.

Not! You will be charged excessive cleaning fees if you smoke in the vehicle.

Yes, you can bring food into the car, but please make sure you clean up after yourself. Extra cleaning fees do apply if a car is returned dirty.

Yes. Grand Royal seat belt law requires that all front and back seat motor vehicle occupants buckle up. Adults and children must use their seat belts and child restraints at all times.

If you have a verified reservation, recent violations such as reckless driving can disqualify you from renting a car. violations of seat belt laws… arrests for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

Renting a car can be overwhelming, for the first time, particularly if you’re renting in a foreign country. It can be difficult to find the right price, understand the add-ons, and keep up with policy changes. That’s why Grand Royal has put together the ultimate guide to renting a car, which will help you make the best rental car decision possible. Learn how to book a rental car, what kind of car rental insurance you’ll need, how to deal with a car rental agency.

Yes, indeed. The form, number, and method of payment for your deposit will differ depending on the Budget venue.

Our best deals are always available on

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee a particular vehicle make or model. We can, however, guarantee the rate you requested. If the car class you requested is not eligible, we will upgrade you to the next available car class.

All customers must rent the vehicle for a minimum of 24 hours. If you return the vehicle before 24-hours you will be paid for the entire day, regardless of whether you return the vehicle early.

No. A long-term rental would constitute a maximum of 30 consecutive days.

No. Due to potential liability, you must have a valid driver’s license.

No, towing is not allowed.

Yes. Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the start of the rental to avoid refueling charges.

Yes, but if your rental is not returned in the same condition as when it was picked up, you will be charged a cleaning fee.

Grand Royal vehicles must be returned to the drop-off or return location specified in your reservation. You are not permitted to return the vehicle to or leave it at any other location or facility.

If a customer accidentally locks the keys in the trunk or the vehicle, they are fully responsible for all charges and must contact a locksmith and then contact the rental location at the phone number provided in the rental agreement.

In case of any customer service issue, it is best to contact directly the Fox location where you rented the car. You also have the option to contact the corporate office at customer service

Vehicle availability varies by date, location, and fleet availability.

You can do this through or by calling 04222234 for assistance.

Yes, indeed. To request a rental extension, please contact your corresponding station by phone or email. You will receive an email confirmation of all amendments, including your revised rental rate.

Please contact us 04222234 or  to confirm any flight changes. Please also ensure that your flight number is listed in your reservation at the time of booking.

To obtain a copy of your rental agreement please call 04222234. You can also contact us via email: [email protected]

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