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Lamborghini Urus (Green)

Grand Royal HC, Dubai
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Lamborghini Urus (Green) 2021 Rental in Dubai

Rent a Lamborghini Urus (Green) 2021 in Dubai. The World’s Fastest Luxury SUV gives you a first-class experience, Grand Royal car rental company in Dubai offers reasonably priced Lamborghini Urus rental in Dubai. Standard coverage includes exceptional values and a mileage limit of 250 km. The Lamborghini Urus with its five doors and seating is perfect for a group of five people, furthermore, the trunk can hold up to three medium suitcases. Here it competes directly with the Bentley Bentayga, Lexus LX, Audi Q7, and Porsche Cayenne in terms of performance, amenities, and generation.

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The Lamborghini Urus “Green” 2021 Rental Dubai will be your excellent choice, because it combines the convenience of an SUV with the satisfaction of a luxurious vehicle, with an excellent exterior, a few sporty elements, and muscular surfaces. These vehicles look stylish but elegant. Urus is a Lamborghini DNA-fueled sports car, with Lamborghini finishes that will always turn heads. Its appealing exterior is complemented by interiors of the latest generation of comfortable seats, graceful designs, driver-oriented equipment and it has multi-color displays that provide a comfortable and fun experience at all times.

The Lamborghini Urus is the world’s first Super Sports utility vehicle. Now hire the Lamborghini Urus 2021. Certainly, you’ll get the combined sports car performance and the soul capabilities of an SUV. This Urus is a Lamborghini in every sense of the word, that is to say, its extreme dimensions, Lamborghini layout, and exquisite performance make it an absolute unique vehicle. Check our available cars to rent in Dubai.

Lambo Urus (Green) 2021 – Design

The cool super sports car has many convenience features, as well as a soulful driving experience. Urus is a true Lamborghini, with precise proportions, a classic design, and exceptional performance capabilities. Clearly, its exceptional dynamics, distinct silhouettes, rigidity, and well-proportioned structure distinguish it from all other sports car rentals.
In general. The Lamb Urus is the ultimate in versatility, a sports utility vehicle with numerous customization options, certainly, that’s why it is the best of all time.

The Urus has an 8-speed, automated transmission system, and a V8 Bi-accelerating engine. It gives 641 horsepower. Above all, this monster SUV accelerates from zero to 60 mph, in three (3) seconds with a top speed of 305 km/ ph. Is it a success? The rate of acceleration is incredible. It is marketed as a luxurious vehicle, with the durability of an SUV, and the performance of a sports car. So, do you think you’ve got what it takes? You can get a Lamborghini Urus rental at any location in Dubai with a single click. Whenever you need it within 60 minutes. Please board as soon as possible. Lamborghini rental from Grand Royal, to enjoy a luxurious vehicle in Dubai.

Contact Us to Rent a Lamborghini Urus (Green) 2021

If you want to rent Lamborghini Urus 2021 in Dubai. At a reasonable price. You should look into our premium rental options. Contact Grand Royal and a member of our highly experienced exotic and luxury car rental team will book your trip in the Lamborghini Urus, which isn’t available for hire in most major cities around the world. With Grand Royal, Never Think | It is safe to hire a car in Dubai. Check our procedures and safety at Grand Royal’s COVID-19 Response.



Google Reviews

29 reviews
  • Janet Chua
    Janet Chua
    8 months ago

    As their name Grand Royal Outstanding Customer Service and Very unique Sports Car Rental Experience. Fantastic experience with these guys! We hired a Lamborghini Huracan for photo shoots and everything went perfectly. The car was fully sanitized and great, and the team made the whole process easy. Pick up and return was quick and efficient. Highly recommended. Thank you Grand Royal! and Easy..5 stars

  • Mahmood Al Moosawi
    Mahmood Al Moosawi
    8 months ago

    The rental process was very smooth, everything was ready for us when we came Dubai at the (DXB) airport we had the two luxury Rolls Royce awaiting. Unlimited mileage was a great give away to explore Dubai! I would definitely use Grand Royal next time. I’m in Dubai for Expo 2021.

  • Denis Wang (SkullZer0)

    Great experience, very professional. Special thanks to Mr. Tarek, he was very nice and very kind. If you go to Dubai u should definetly rent a car from them.

  • Yomar Carrillo
    Yomar Carrillo
    9 months ago

    Highly recommended Muhannad Kousa took care of us and resolve all our issues and requests in a timely manner and effective. We requested a specific service for two different cars and he was able to deliver. Cara are always clean and he maintained communication with us for the entire days we rented. He speaks various languages and it was certainly no barriers with it. Their a la cart selection of cars is amazing and really cool. If you go to Dubai you have to look for Muhannad and grand royal rental definitely.

  • AMA A
    AMA A
    a year ago

    Such a nice car rental company, had a lovely experience with them. I rented the Mercedes GTR PRO. And Let me tell you that this car is a MONSTER. I LOVED IT.

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