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Rent Bentley Cars in Dubai from Grand Royal. Bentley cars, which are powerful and aesthetically stunning, are now a significant part of British history. Each Bentley is handcrafted by the world’s best car engineers to the highest standards. Those looking for a luxury vehicle should consider renting a Bentley in Dubai. Its prestigious appearance will highlight your position. If you’ve ever driven a Bentley, you’ll want to do it again. Your comfort and dynamics expectations will be exceeded. Bentley rental in Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive a prestige-class car without purchasing it.

Rent Bentley Cars Unique Sports & Luxury Cars in Dubai

Rent a Bentley car from Grand Royal in Dubai with confidence. With this Bentley’s comfortable leather seats, you’ll want to escape the city limits and travel for the entire weekend in search of life-changing experiences. In Dubai, you can rent a Bentley Flying Spur for around 1000 AED per day, and a Bentley GT Mulliner for around 2500/2600 AED. We believe the GT Mulliner will be ideal for you in Dubai due to its luxurious black and gold design. So there is no need to second-guess renting a Bentley car in Dubai.

Book a Bentley Car to Ensure a Happy Trip!

Renting a Bentley car will make your trip happy and unforgettable. Grand Royal Car Rental’s top priority is to provide the best, most efficient vehicle rental solutions to our customers. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day to assist with any car rental service needs. You can count on us to exceed your expectations!

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Choose from the Grand Royal Bentley Exotic Vehicle Fleet

Experience luxury in Dubai like never before with the Grand Royal Bentley Exotic Vehicle Fleet. Imagine yourself behind the wheel of one of these sleek and sophisticated cars, turning heads and commanding attention wherever you go. With an unrivaled selection to choose from, you’ll be able to select the perfect Bentley car that matches your style and taste.

Our top priority as a leading car rental company in the UAE is to ensure that all of your needs and preferences are met seamlessly. As a result, we offer the most extensive fleet of high-quality, well-maintained vehicles for you to choose from. We have it all, whether you want to rent a Bentley Car, Lamborghini Urus or Huracan, or even a McLaren 720S Spider. Grand Royal luxury car rental services make no compromises; you will only get the best.

Our entire Bentley fleet has been carefully selected and each car is in perfect condition to ensure that your self-drive hire experience is unrivaled.

Grand Royal makes it Simple to Rent a Bentley in Dubai.

With Grand Royal, it’s easy to rent a Bentley car & safe to drive in Dubai. Providing 24-hour customer support, Grand Royal makes all these clear and easy to understand. You can browse through our website or use our car rental app in Dubai to get a better experience.

First, browse our luxury car inventory to find the vehicle that best meets your requirements. Our listing includes all pricing; additionally, you can inquire about Bentley car rental prices in Dubai to learn about current pricing and availability. When you find the car you want, make a reservation for it. You can also have a car delivered to your location after successfully booking one. However, to drive it or take it on the road, you must first sign a rental agreement. Check that the agreement covers all of the rental’s terms and conditions, such as duration, payment method, and insurance. You will be given the car rental documents, which include the rental receipt and insurance policy. Simply follow the steps below to grasp the concept quickly.

  1. Selection

    Choose the vehicle that best meets your needs GT Convertible, Bentayga, Continental, Flying Spur. Bentayga S or any Bentley Model you like. Visit our inventory to learn more about our rental cars.

  2. Reservation

    Make a simple reservation to rent/hire a Bentley car. To make a booking, go to the booking page or book directly from the car page.

  3. Confirmation

    Get a confirmation that it is reserved. Contact us for rental assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  4. Let’s Drive it!

    Drive like a king on Dubai’s roads. Visit the Dubai Car Rental FAQ page and the Dubai Car Rental Policy page to review terms and FAQs.

Rent Bentley Cars Per Hour, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Basis

Bentley cars with a wide range: Continental GT · ‎Mulliner, Bentayga Speed · Bentayga S · Bentayga Azure ; Flying Spur · Flying Spur Mulliner · Flying Spur Speed · Flying Spur S · Flying Spur Azure… can be rented by hour, day, week, or month. With this option, you pay a set fee per day or week to use the vehicle. It is usually less expensive on a regular basis and provides you with greater flexibility in terms of when you can use the vehicle. You can also pay an extra fee to add extra features to your rental. Finally, if you have an open rental slot, you can pre-book a Bentley vehicle. This ensures that the vehicle will still be available when you require it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bentley Rental Dubai Near You

When is the best time in Dubai to rent a Bentley?

Bentley is available for rental all year in Dubai. However, the price will vary depending on the season, the rental company’s services, and the extra features you select.

Can I rent a Bentley with a Chauffeur in Dubai?

Yes, Grand Royal offers a luxury chauffeur service and Limousine Service too. You can request your best Bentley car with a professional and experienced chauffeur to drive you to or from DXB airport to your preferred destination or around Dubai in style. This service is available at an additional cost. check with our chauffeur service page.

Are there any restrictions on the distance I can drive a rented Bentley in Dubai?

Rental policies vary by company, but at Grand Royal, there is a daily mileage limit of 250km per day, after which an additional fee per extra KM will be applied. If you plan on taking a longer trip, it’s best to inform the rental company in advance so they can accommodate your needs.

Can I rent a Bentley for a special event or occasion in Dubai?

Yes absolutely, Grand Royal, offer special event and occasion rentals for Bentley cars. Whether you’re looking to make a grand entrance at a wedding, impress clients at your business event or simply treat yourself to a unique luxury driving experience, Grand Royal has a wide range of Bentley models available to rent for any occasion, with free booking charge and free delivery 24/7 rental support.